neg chairs_0001[1]Can you back a trailer? Or are you like me and not able to make it go where you want?

You explored negative painting in October 2013. How are you doing?  If you are still having problems, it may not be the amount of water or paint.  It may be that you don’t see the negative shape.

Here are some drawing exercises to help you to see the negative shapes of a positive object.




drawing of the negative shapes of chairs and a table (interupted when the bus came)

JoannescarolineHow do YOU judge our paintings?

The most difficult part of teaching for me is dealing with the internal critic that dwells within each student — often seemingly poised with a ruler ready to crack them over the knuckles. Do you hear internal voices saying things like, “What do you think you are doing?”

“That’s really stupid!”

“Why do you think you can do this?”

And then there the comments of those near and dear.

How SHOULD WE judge your paintings?

Joanne McDonald’s Picassoesque painting of me :”You know how Caroline gets INTO her paintings.”

This year’s amaryllis as I drew it last night….
And again as I drew it at noon today.
amaryllis2The amaryllis seem to change before your eyes.  How can you not draw?
I had this one sitting over my sink and was enjoying watching it shoot up but not quite getting pen […]

IMG_7096(1)Do you have some paintings that were just exercises?

How about all those practice sheets of wet-on-wet washes or  glazing? Or do you have some paintings that almost turned out, good in some areas but not others.

Here is a great way to use them and make delightful, unique gift boxes.

Speaking of brushes (see last post) now is the time that your loved one’s start asking what they can give you  for the holidays.


I have some thoughts from years of answering these questions from the family members of my students. I have also seen all too often the wasted money spent on (useless or inappropriate) gifts students are hopeful they can use.

I hasten to add this is ONLY my prejudiced point of view…..

summertimeqwaitssmHow are you doing with negative painting? Have you read and worked on it as described in the June, 2011 Technique Corner? I hope so. You use it any time you want to bring things out and forward – by painting the adjacent shapes darker. Let’s do some simple exercises to gain more confidence.

IMG_6903My life has been like a watercolor I thought today on my way to the art
class…unpredictable, colorful, full of surprises, and sometimes
uncontrollable.  But now that I am of vintage years, I love my life and
thought, gee, I am glad that the powers that be put me in the company of such an unusual person …myself!  Ever think things like that?