IMG_7628The new Orcas Art Studios has asked me to hold their first solo show.  Since the Studios are the Orcas venue for life drawing I thought it appropriate to have a show of some of my figure work in watercolor.

Shadows at the Exhibition

howddep72I am often thought of as a landscape painter. This is well justified, particularly since I have spent so many years teaching outdoor workshops where the landscape and the light are our subjects. Sooner or later landscapes  without figures begin to create an impression of a world devoid of humans. Sometimes they set scale to the landscape. But at times they are the focus.

How Deep?

    September Retreat

IMG_7063I  am interested in the the postures people assume as they go about their lives. I try to catch them in that moment, whether it is working with heavy machinery or testing the waters.  I haven’t begun to explore all of the possibilities that intrigue me.

I also am drawn to light on skin, particularly sunlight. And back lighting. It gets me everytime.

These paintings are also watercolors.  I enjoy exploring the medium, pushing its boundaries and exploiting its unique qualities. For example, in September Retreat, when I saw these two women in the late afternoon light, absorbed in their work, the gold/violet ambience of the moment was what captured me.  I decided the only way I could tell this tale was in a controlled pour… letting violet poured into moving gold tell the story.

Each painting has a story that balances subject with medium – each in a different way.

I am delighted to be able to have an opportunity to group about 16 diverse paintings of people at the Orcas Art Studios. The exhibit will open on April 23. A reception will be held 5:30-7:00, Thursday the 24th.  The show will continue to June 24. Come see it!!

The Dress and the Dream

IMG_7311_2Stop in when the  Orcas Art Studios is open. Or if you are in the area can still and  view most of the paintings as they face the large glass front. You can also make an appointment to see them further.

Orcas Art Studios is at 1286 Mt. Baker Rd., Suite A4.  at the corner where Lover’s Lane turns right, becoming Mt. Baker Road (the building perpendicular to Dr. Shinstrom’s and Dr. White’s offices.

Driving from the ferry follow the main road, Orcas Rd (left off the ferry) north for about 10 miles until you you can see water again. DO NOT turn right into Eastsound but continue north (now the road is called Lover’s Lane). When you see the road making a 90 degree turn to the right, jog 25 feet to the left and turn right into a small gray complex of buildings.  If you turn and have the airport on your left you have gone too far.


I think I have now posted all of the paintings below…. But the small photos don’t do the paintings justice. Come see the show!!  …


Two Guys,-web

Two Guys Named Moe Summer Promise

Callie Running

On The Cusp

Sun Gazer

Out in the Plein Air  (5″ x 4″)

The Pink Shoes

Across the Buttes

Dare I?

Queen of the Wind

Facing the Future in the Past

Walk to the Far Horizon
+ two prints of paintings:

Tourist Girlfriend and In Step