an exercise: a half sheet, taped into sections and glazed

Ready to make use of some of those “not good enough to frame” paintings? Go through your stash and choose some.  You can decide how big you want your box and work backwards, or make some from the available paper  and decide what goes in them afterwards.

For the step-by-step instructions  I will choose  the half sheet (22 x 15) painting of glazes shown above.

  1. First fold under an inch along the worst side on the short dimension for a tab.
  2. Decide how much will be upright and fold at that point, parallel to the long side. In my example I folded it in half (7 1/2 inches).
  3. Cut off the tab from the bottom section.
  4. Fold the tab under and measure the remaining long side.
  5. If you are making a square-bottomed box (as I did) divide the remaining area into 4 equal sections – 5 1/4 inches.
  6. IMG_7086At this point you should have the tab folded under; the one horizontal fold and 3 folds dividing the 4 vertical sections.
  7. Cut off the excess of the bottom to leave each piece a square.
  8. Cut between each of the bottom sections up to the horizontal fold line.
  9. Overlap the bottom pieces to decide which is the one you want on the outside.
  10. Glue them one at a time to the next one under. (I just used Elmer’s glue.)
  11. Tuck the tab inside and glue it to the inside of the 4th side.
  12. Stand the box upright and see what you think.  You may want to hold the tab until the glue takes hold and  paper clip the top. You may also want to  place a weight inside your box to keep the bottoms pressed together.


IMG_7091Now it is your choice. In our example I hole punched two opposite sides and tied ribbon.  Added tissue and we have the perfect size for a wine gift box.









IMG_7104IMG_7098 23-41-43On the left  is the first one I made.  As you can see it is smaller – perfect for a gift of some brushes, or to hold your own.  It is only 4 inches tall.

On the right is another made from of demo painting — getting fresh color in madrona trunks.  I keep it on my work space and it reminds me to be bold.






IMG_7107Have fun going through your stash of paintings finding ones that you can use.  Paintings that you discarded can make boxes that others will treasure.  Each is  an original! By  you.

This idea isn’t original with me. I learned it from a student who learned it from another instructor, It is so much fun —  it is my December gift to you.

Happy holidays,






Hmmmm – would this make a good box?