Have You Seen this Painting? UPDATE
Across the Buttes © 2008

I need to warn you about an art scam.  We always think it isn’t going to happen to us, but it has to me. In May, Nan Lui contacted me about buying Across the Buttes. Then on Sunday before we were leaving for Montana (following Wednesday, with a class in Anacortes on Tuesday) he contacted me again, eager to buy it.

I replied that I still had it but, not hearing anything, I thought he had lost interest. Now we were rushed to get off for a vacation/workshop. He said he still wanted it and was mailing the check also on Monday priority mail. I should have waited until we returned but instead  rushed to get the painting packaged and shipped. I mailed it Tuesday, June 14, before the Boat Painting class and before we left for Montana on Wednesday.

The check was at the post office at the end of the month when we returned from a wonderful time in Montana — both the class and adventures with friends and family before and after the workshop.

Only the check was for more than twice what I had asked. Uh-oh, something wasn’t right…

I made a separate deposit of the check and notified my bank to let me know when it cleared.  Yesterday, while NanLui was texting me:  am in touch with the bank today, the fund is available since 7 6 16, can u please check with ur bank – I was at my bank. The bank had called the day before to say there were no funds behind the deposit.

After going to the sheriff and starting a case file, I texted back that the check hadn’t cleared and he was to send a new check for the exact amount.   I have heard nothing more.

I have now filed a report with the sheriff, case # 16-4662, San Juan County, WA (now closed) .  Since the painting was sent USPS I will also be contacting them.

Beware! You can do better than I did. Be sure you have payment before you sell any of your paintings.  In particular, beware of the check that is too large and the buyer wants a reimbursement before the check clears.

Thank you for listening. Let’s get back to painting!!

Here are some Montana photos:

Jeffrey's grand nephew in the wagon Jeff made for him. Karl and Rachel of sailing fame (see 2010).

Jeffrey’s grand nephew in the wagon Jeff made for him. Karl and Rachel of sailing fame (see 2010).


Below the 100-year old cabin of Ruth Linfield's family.

North Fork of Willow Creek, below the 100-year old cabin of Ruth Linfield’s family.

Anna Kolousek, Jeffrey and I at Anna and Peter's cabin facing West Glacier Park

Anna Kolousek, Jeffrey and I are at Anna and Peter’s cabin facing West Glacier Park