I hope you will take the time to watch this documentary whatever your current thoughts on Wyeth’s work are.


True, most of us have not had the focused years of training he received from his father, most of us don’t have a spouse that promote us like his Betsy did, and most of us don’t work in egg tempera some of the time,

But in so many ways he exemplifies many of the themes I have been promoting over the years:

  • Paint what you love
  • Paint what you know
  • Draw and draw and draw again
    • to get to know your subject
    • to really see your subjet
    • to develop your idea
  • Paint your life
  • Paint the beauty of the light and air across a subject

Here are some quotes from Wyeth:

  • The appeal of Maine… the utter simplicity of the lives that work the land and the sea.
  • When you know something an feel it, feel you love it, paint it! My God, Do it!
  • When you paint what you know and love with truth, that truth is universal.

It is a different way of being modern. He was – and there is much to learn.

At the end of the broadcast they did say that you can purchase this as a DVD at  shop.pbs. or download it on iTunes.

I am headed to Anacortes today — we are living in two places — and wanted to get this posted.  I will researh the shopping and iTunes when I am back.