This year’s amaryllis as I drew it last night….

And again as I drew it at noon today.

amaryllis2The amaryllis seem to change before your eyes.  How can you not draw?

I had this one sitting over my sink and was enjoying watching it shoot up but not quite getting pen to paper until the day before yesterday — the one on the main page of the blog.

Yesterday I put it on the coffee table. The next time I sat down, I had to draw it. Look at the way it was opening. And then how it had changed by morning!!

Okay – go out and get yourself an amaryllis and follow directions for watering etc.

Start drawing as it emerges and try to draw at least once each day. Enjoy the change.

Think about changing tools and styles — as you feel like it.  Yesterday’s and today’s were both with gel ink pens. Contours only.





Here is an drawing with shaded pen on the left.  Try different tools – ink, pencil , shading, no shading, watercolor crayons…. get others in your family involved.

IMG Amryl_0002(1)










IMG Amryl_0001


It is all such fun.

Keep it merry!


amaryllis2Next day: 12/7: here is the same one as the first two on this page. One blossom and one starting.

What is going to happen tomorrow?

©2013 Caroline Buchanan