My website is being upgraded to fit with the rapidly changing technology in mobile phones, etc. As part of this, some postings have been deleted.  Some will appear in revised forms later.  If there is one you particularly miss, contact me and I can email you a Word doc. of the posting.

Spend some time looking over those I have left.  I have often been asked when I am going to write a book.  My Technique Corner is, in effect, my book. Read it a bit at a time.  Practice what is suggested. Enjoy growing as an artist.

These are the posts that  have been deleted:

  • May 2008 Late Winter Painting
  • Sept 2008 What’s a Girl to Wear NWWS Show
  • Oct 2008 Avoiding Mud
  • Dec 2008 Student of the Month
  • Jan 2009 Student of the Month
  • March/April 2009 Student of the Month
  •  April 2009 Scheduling Your Painting Time
  • July 2009 Plein Air
  • Sept 2009 Two Wheel North Update
  • Sept 2009 Natty Dred in the NWWS Show
  • March 2010 Marcia Spees, Student of the Month
  • July 2010 Clouds on a Summer Day
  • Aug  2010  When the Muse Takes Flight
  • Sept 2010 On-Line Option
  • March 2011Student Show in Edmonds
  • May 2011 2 Books and a Movie
  • May 2011 Northwest Watercolor Sociery Signature Show
  • July 2011 The Artists in your Children
  • June 2012 What is Hot?
  • Sept 2012 Sumi-e on Orcas
  • Oct 2012 Judy Middleton – An Example to Us All
  •  Nov 2012 How about an ON-Line Class? (out of date)
  • Dec 2012 Penny Holland’s New Book
  • Dec 2012 Judy Coffman – Best of Show
  • March 2013 NOrthwest Watercolor Society Exhibit
  • July 2013, How one Seminar … helped transform the American Culture
  • Aug 2013 The Darks with a Personal Twist
  • May 2013 Evrything is Blooming
  • June 2014 Vicki Canada … Evolving a Personal Style
  • June 2014 Artworks Fundraiser
  • Sept 2014 Taking a Break
  • Dec 2014 Mistakes and Accidents
  • Jan 2015 Monitored Life Drawing
  • June 2015 Our in the Field
  • Sept 2015 Cleaning House

I hope we all like the update!!