Victorian Gentleman Awaits Interested Party….. We aren’t buying this one but it is based on a house that is about 7 blocks from the one on which we’ve made an offer.

Update: It is never over until the fat lady sings… Mother’s Day found an email with a document attached that terminated our contract with our buyer. We are back on the market. And the house in Anacortes went to the other bidder so we have struck out twice. The weather is spectacular at the moment, beckoning us to savor our time here.We are working on the listing but you can find it at: 283 Parkside Wy, Obstruction Island, WA 98279 (MLS # 1252186)

I was saying….

I apologize for not keeping up with the Technique Corner.  I started the next one back in February but never finished it.  In March we listed our house and two days later we had a viewer who made an offer we accepted.  Except the county got in the way and has changed some rules which is slowing the whole process down.  We HOPE to close by May 31.

Sign of the Times

We have been hesitant to close on anything in Anacoretes before we have a sure sale.  We have made an offer on a house there and are in negotiation as there is more than one buyer on the table.  I got tired this morning of delaying updating you so this is the provisional update of the moment.  We have been living in a shifting uncertainty since fall. It does become tiring.

Browse back through the old Technique corner offerings. Come to one of the classes listed. Just drop me an email to update me on what you are doing.  And to be sure I have your email address.  I am still having computer problems I haven’t had the time to address.

Sometimes life gets in the way … Looking forward to smooth sailing ahead. And happy painting.