Still having fun after all these years!

IMG_0281_2We still love living on our island and sharing it with friends and family. And we also love the solitude that is ours many days.

The light on the water is constantly changing.  We live in harmony with the speed and direction of the wind, adjusting our lives – most of the time.

The highlight of the spring was finally bringing Jeffrey’s wooden sloop, Coquette, home after so many years of remodeling her. (see previous post).

IMG_7962This summer in the Pacific Northwest was glorious.  On Obstruction,the weather was perfect. The flowers bloomed with more gusto than ever. Many dinners were on our back deck with time before dinner spent out on the point reconnecting, sharing our day and the ever-changing view, as shown to the left.

We were fortunate to have a week-long visit once again with Pali and Callie who still enjoy all their old Island adventures but with an increasing sophistication – Callie caught a fish in the boat by herself, Pali training for cross country in her daily runs through the center of the island.



Catherine and Cole were back from Korea for a visit although there time on the island was shorted than we would have liked. She is enjoying her work as the head of the Chadwick International School’s middle and high school library. this work included meetings in Thailand and Belgium. Cole is in his junior year.


IMG_8101We were able to see them for lunch in at UW with Meli and Phil, the day they arrived back in the States earlier this month. They will be here for a few days right after Christmas.

Meli joined us on Tuesday after Labor Day for a week.  She races on the sailing team at UW and she joined us in takingCoquette to the Deer Harbor Wooden Boat Festival. We were pretty low key, as I had broken my right arm only 10 days before.

Right before the festival, James had come out to participate in the Orcas Labor Day triathlon. the year before he was unable to compete because of his broken hip — a much more severe injury than my little break.  He had been bike racing but this was his first triathlon since the injury. Excellent times in the swimming and biking. The fact that he finished the run was a triumph.

IMG_5077My broken ulna was much less than the damage in his pelvis. Yet it was slow to heal and I was  in a cast for over two months. The worst incovience was not being able to drive  nor function very well in the kitchen. Although it was frustrating, since I am left handed I could still paint and teach. With Jeffrey doing all the driving, we were able to go to Montana for two workshops scheduled in October.  We had a marvelous trip, well-documented on Shutterfly.


IMG_8287This past summer Jeffrey and David (his incredible helper) put the last of the boards onto the exterior of the shop.  rebuilt on the site of the one that burned. in 2009. Every board, frame, floor, siding, they milled from logs on the island, mostly from our property.

Jeffrey is now hoping to putter more in the new shop.  He believes his large-structure building is over – although he may continue to direct the construction of a few more dwellings.  The maintenance on our property continues to demand a lot of time.  We are reluctant to think beyond living here.

I continue to teach and paint, not as much as I once did but I still enjoy both and feel fortunate I have classes that appreciate what I am able to offer.

We both read a lot.  We just finished, The Boys in the Boat. I don’t think you have to be from Washington State to enjoy the story of the 1936 Olympic winning crew from UW. In reading the book,  I merowing3[3]found a new awareness of why, yes, I am still rowing. I have often said it is the best part of my day.  There is a rhythm, a mesmerizing loss of time and concerns.   Besides the obvious fitness benefits, I have always thought there was something more.  You will find it in The Boys in the Boat.


IMG_0008_3_2(1)Wishing you the very best for the new year.

Stay well.

Slow down and enjoy the wonder of the world around you.

There’s time.

Caroline and Jeffrey