Sat & Sun,  October 5 & 6

Olga Community Club, Olga, Orcas Island WA



Two Hats, Two Friends, Nancy Farrar-Coughlin

Watercolor is fun!  You have been trying it on your own, or taken a few classes. You have been  working with suggestions in books and even tried some U-tube lessons but you don’t feel “in control. ” When will confidence come?   This weekend workshop is designed to help you take charge of the sequences by which you create paintings.


At your home

The watercolor courses Caroline has been teaching on-line since 2008 for credit students are being revised for non-credit students only. They are being divided into shorter courses. Each has 10 clear exercises sent to you in a Word document. They are supplemented with more than 100 photos with discussion posted in a secured site on Shutterfly.

The first, Getting Started, is focusing on learning how to work with the water and developing control of the water on the paper, on your brush and with your paint.

You can get started in watercolor, work on the basic processes at your own pace and still enjoy the help of an instructor. You discuss your paintings with Caroline in the comment section under the photos of your paintings you post on your own album.

At your home

Watercolor is a complex medium – one with many aspects and elements to it. Glazing is just one aspect – and this on-line course is solely devoted to this process. Glazing is the application of a layer of color over one that has already dried. Developing skill in glazing lets you in on the secret of luminous color that is a major characteristic of watercolor.

At your home

Three of the giants in watercolor in the 20th century, Rex Brandt, Millard Sheets and Ed Whitney will share with you some of their most important lessons. Caroline had the good fortune to study with all three and has been teaching their principles for the last thirty years. She has distilled some of their most important concepts for this course.

Coming again, to be announced


We had a wonderful time today (7/9) and as I move this out of the line, we will be doing it again.  We were invited back by the boatyard owners… so – let me know if you would be interested…

Boats are a elusive subject to draw.  Once you have a drawing, they aren’t that difficult to paint. Over time, Caroline has developed a step-by-step approach to boat drawing that is close to fail safe.

It is best to learn how to draw them when they are stationary in dry dock. We’ll do that in the morning and continue with a painting in the afternoon.

Cottage Hobby House, Anacortes, WA

This series will be continued.  Dates to be announced shortly.

This new series, the first Monday of each month, is designed to help you become more skilled in the medium while focusing on how to paint a different subject each month.  It is slanted for those who are fairly new to watercolor or who haven’t been painting regularly and are feeling uncertain in their approach. We have a good time while helping everyone to improve.

The five Mondays are:

  • February: Big skies and winter storms
  • March: Mists slipping through the trees
  • April: Spring flowers – loose and splashy
  • May: Sunsets and fog
  • June: People in your paintings

At this writing (2/21/19) the registration is closed.  Feel free to contact me to be placed on the waiting list.  Often there are cancelations closer to class time.

End of March, 2020…   Probably at the Olga Community Club, Orcas Island, WA

Drawing is about self-discovery. It is about tuning in and tuning out. The week will be as much about learning how to shut out the world and allow yourself to tap into your artist self as it trying different ways to draw. With a “Yes I can!” attitude, anyone can learn to draw.

Pencil it in your calendar and let me know if you are interested; posted 4/4/19 after a very delightful week this year with all the doubters now drawing!

May  2020, dates to be announced, probably the first week.

Probably at the Olga, Community Club, Orcas, WA San Juan Islands

Watercolor is about process. Watercolor is about water. To work in watercolor you need to master control and use of the water. You need to learn when to do what — and what effect you will achieve. It isn’t about “making paintings” until the process are understood and at your command. This week is dedicated to the tricky business of water and color — what’s known as WATERCOLOR.

The Good Stuff, 604 Commercial Ave, Anacortes

More classes will follow this introduction. Stay tuned


Do you need a review of the basics or are you just starting out in watercolor?  New this year, we are offering two Thursdays at the Good Stuff in Anacortes where we will get you on your way toward adventures with watercolors with the knowledge and understanding to make it truly enjoyable.

Class canceled for 2019. We hope to schedule it for next summer. 


This is the week to get outside to draw and paint.  Learn the techniques for quick interpretations when you are traveling as well as for a slow and steady progress in seeing and recording the world around you.  The summer is starting to slip away. When you take the time to stop and look and draw you lock it away — to be brought out and savored whenever you choose.

Wish us luck on what seems to be a sale of the island property.  I can no longer count on being available in late August so believe it necessary to postpone this popular class for a year. Feel free to indicate your interest in 2020 – without a deposit at  this time. I will enter your name to be notified.

This has been a popular class in the past.  I hope we can hold it in 2019. No date yet.


Spend a day working in a delightful setting — a barn over 100 years old, a pond of white ducks, a menagerie of animals wander, fields and firs and alders.

Caroline will take you through the steps needed to successfully paint when there is too much to choose from, too much stuff to tote, the weather and light shift, and it is hard to get comfortable. And you will know you spent your day in a magical place.

2020 ? to be announced

Eastsound Area, Orcas Island

Do you have problems getting good greens in your paintings? Spend a day on Orcas painting plein air and see if looking, and mixing and painting you come to understand how to get greens that look like nature, and look right to you. We will be painting at historic Knapp farm on Buckhorn Road.