At long last the memoir I have been working on is published. My Amorgos  is the story of the early years, the 80s and early 90s, when I started taking groups to the Greek Islands. It is both the story of personal discoveries and life on a remote Greek Island, Amorgos.
When I first went to Amorgos timeless customs dominated.  Hospitality for me and my artists was personal. In the memoir I tell tales of that time, some  poignant, some humorous, some reflecting the magic of this  island.

As we learned about these open, delightful people they learned some from us. These are cherished memories and cherish friends which I wish to share with you. From reading about why I danced on a wall of a church, swam in aqua blue waters off Agia Anna, to adventures with sponge divers, finding beauty in old windows, developing special friendships and overcoming language barriers,   My Amorgos is both the story of a 40-year-old woman finding new directions after her divorce  and a magical place over a tweny year period.

My Amorgos is an 84-page soft-cover book with color photos of the people, paintings and sketches on every page.  $25.00 includes book, taxes, shipping and handling. Click  My Amorgos and fill out shipping, billing, and credit card information. You will receive an email confirmation and shipping date. Look for your copy of My Amorgos in your mailbox.