First exploratory value sketches of photo by Nancy F-C.

Nobody seems to like to do value studies. We are eager to get to the painting- where the fun and the color are!  However as the painting progresses and we start going off track, we do know what we have done wrong.  All one can do is apply band-aid corrections to the problems.

The Vimeo video presents the reasons WHY value studies are so important for watercolors, HOW to do quick ones, WHAT you should be considering and what you should do next.  I walk you through the planing and development of a number of paintings — mine and several students’. Then I talk my way through a demonstration value study showing how to go about a helpful value sketch.

Where is the painting in this nice bouquet?

If these are problems you recognize and you would like some help with solving, instead of a class  you may buy access to the video link  for $35.

How this works is: I am notified of your payment by Square and send the link.  It doesn’t hurt for you to email me. You should received it within 24 hours. The “course”  is yours. You may watch it as many times as you wish, even playing it while you draw or paint.

Maybe we are on to something.

We are still learning.  I welcome comments and suggestions for improvements.  Reviews have been coming in and people are excited by what they have learned. Those who have seen it report back it is worth more than the price. I hope you agree.

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Learn how value studies led me to this painting

From this photo.

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