The last watercolor class of this year on Orcas Island is Putting it All Together in early October.  I am scheduling some new fall classes in Anacortes. And don’t miss all the free teaching in the Technique Corner, which also is due for an update.

Our life is changing. We have found a new home in Anacortes and are traveling back and forth between the two, living in both until our home on the island sells.

The Island, a new page, has been added to the menu. It tells more about our  island property than you can find in multiple listings. And I update it!!  We have had almost thirty wonderful years here and it  has been an ideal home for an artist. Take a look. Who knows, you may know the people who should be the next owners! There is even a bribe. Whoever recommends it to the people who buy it gets a painting of his or her choice from ANY that have not be sold that I painted. Maybe you? Go to Gallery and see what is there.

Happy browsing, happy  painting,