Sorry that I have been so inactive on the website. Life has been changing for me as it does for those in this age bracket. I am still teaching a very small amount about which you can read in CLASSES. At 84 I will no longer be teaching in person, as much as I love in-person teaching.

You might scroll through the TECHNIQUE CORNER entries.  They are as close as I will get to writing a book about painting.  There are some time-proven entries you might want to consider.  I suggest you print out your favorites as I won’t maintain the web page forever.

I am still painting and hope to update the GALLERY soon.  I need to update the ABOUT me — those little children are all young adults now.  But if you scroll back in the posts there are some entertaining  stories from our early years on the Island.

My big news is that our beloved Island property – Obstruction Island, San Juans, WA- is staying in the family.  My younger son, James, has bought it.  We held it off the market for several years so he could be in a position to conclude the purchase. For now, I am leaving up the  Island property post so you can see and perhaps remember our special place.  Jeffrey and I were up for Thanksgiving with the new owner. It was a grand changing of the guard and we are all so happy about this.

We have moved to a simple single-floor, enclosed back-yard home  that is right for us now.  Instead of looking west as in the painting above we look East. We see Mt Baker and the water. We are two blocks from the hospital, walking distance to town and parks, on a cul-de-sac with good neighbors.

The forest preserve 5 minutes from our Anacortes home. The forest preserve 5 minutes from our Anacortes home.

I am trying to find time to complete some of the things on my own bucket list which are not getting done.

One of my To Do’s is to finish the memoir I have been writing about my 19 years of taking people to the Greek Islands to paint and about one island, Amorgos, in particular.  I am not sure in what form this memoir will emerge but it is more than50 pages long. If you would like to be notified when it is finished, be sure I have you email.  

Or just touch base to let me know you remember good times, you are still painting, or whatever else you would like to share.

Keep painting and loving life,


December, 2021