Greetings for the new year! Let’s ring it in and start planning for your 2020 classes. I am busy posting new classes and dates. Be sure and take a look and find the one(s) right for you. Particularly take a look at the Orcas classes. I am not sure how many more years I will continue to do these.

Our life is changing. We have  a new home in Anacortes (see Contact info) but our island property has yet to sell.  At the moment it is off the market.  We are changing the studio roof from shakes to metal like the rest of the compound and will be re-evaluating our sales program. (6 viewers in 19 months is not acceptable!). Our place is on a private island but not that remote. The Island has been added to the menu here. We have had almost thirty wonderful years. It  has been an ideal home for an artist. Take a look.

Happy browsing, and happy  painting.  I hope to see you in a class.