Welcome to my website in the time of social distancing.

The advance to Normal in Washington has stalled and once again choices are limited.

Queen of Crescent Beach

We have had one-day outdoor classes and had a our first Zoom class, the Color of Sunshine – for two days with a delightful group that helped me solve the technological bugs and claimed they learned a great deal. Ready to do more!

I am putting together a program of choices for the coming months.  I find it a challenge to find the time it takes to get it launched. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I recommend using the Technique Corner for inspiration.  A lot of posts are demanding lessons. Others are more casual. Choose a year, say 2011 and try one. Or two.

You may also sign up for an on-line class. The first two are 10 exercises each. Do-able.   I may get some others I’ve been meaning to write posted  as part of the schedule revision.  If you have been painting a while you might be challenged by INSPIRATION OF THE MASTERS.

I hope you can find something with which you can connect and the site helps you deal with our upended lives. You will be learning and growing while painting.

Feel free to email – in fact I encourage it. Happy  painting. I hope to see you in a class one day.


Stay well.