Orange Fling

Welcome to my website in the time of social distancing.

We are moving into Stage 2.  San Juan County is there and we just held the rescheduled drawing class  with only 5 participants. It will be the same with the plein air Boat Drawing, Boat Painting class this week, the  one-day Green Problem in July and Sunshine in August.

In the meantime, I recommend using the Technique Corner for inspiration.  A lot of posts are demanding lessons. Others are more casual. Choose a year, say 2011 and try one. Or two. Or work your way through the year. And then choose another.

You may also sign up for an on-line class. The first two are 10 exercises each. Do-able.   I may get some others I’ve been meaning to write posted during this enforced slowing down (haven’t managed yet as the garden has been calling my name).

I hope the site helps you deal with our upended lives. You will be learning and growing while painting. I hope you can find something with which you can connect.

Feel free to email. Happy  painting. I hope to see you in a class one day.


Stay well.