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If I could bottle the soft fragrance of the lilies,

If I could bottle the light setting fire to that maroon one and its pink neighbor,

Spinning the tall ivory blossoms into angels wings;

If I could bottle the same light as it blinds on the water,

Tips the tops of the firs with gold,

Runs a long finger down the trunks and dances across the green moss floor;

Along with the light, if I could bottle the merry chatter of nuthatches,

goldfinches, crossbills

and add to them the soft warm wind,

the busy breathing silence of the night the woods,

I would uncork it one night by the winter fire.

I would uncork it on a gray wet day following another chill gray day.

I would uncork it as the gales lash us and ice coats the walks.

I would uncork it, pour it into a glass

And, eyes closed, sip my way slowly back to summer.

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©Caroline Buchanan, 2011