I am finally getting around to writing an update from last year’s dire report.  Things are much better. Here is Jeffrey at the family gathering we had on Obstruction Island in June. He is doing well.  Much of his ability to talk has returned. He has real trouble with numbers and is not as strong as he was before his stroke but is completely mobile.

We returned to the Island immediately after his hospital visit and survived the dreadful winter the Northwest had. Fortunately we are being rewarded with a glorious summer.

Pali, Callie, Cole, Mamou, and Meli


There are questions about how much longer we will stay here. We don’t have the answers, but we did have a lovely reunion of most of the family.


Phil washing windows and James scraping the roof

Catherine and Kathleen

We had great talks, good food, walks or runs in the forest, beach time (some even swam) and lots of laughter but, on Saturday, the kids became cleaning machines and washed windows, scraped debris from all the roofs, pruned branches from trees, clean up all the debris. Then we had a cookout and bonfire with — last photo: (Kathleen) — some yoga on the point.

Phil and I excused ourselves as dinner started to go to the ferry landing and get Meli who had flown in directly from Korea, landing at SeaTac earlier in the afternoon.

Meli and Callie, oldest and youngest granddaughters

Kathleen at sunset on the point











On Sunday afternoon: from left Phil, James, Catherine, Cole, me, Callie, Kathleen, Pali, Meli. Missing from the photo: Jeffrey.  Missing from the reunion — Bill and Candace, Parker.

We had such a good time, here is hoping we can do a “2nd annual” with EVERYBODY present next year.

by request:

Friday dinner – clockwise from left: Catherine, Pali, Jeffrey, Cole, Phil, Callie, Kathleen and James.