The on-line class, Getting Started in Watercolor is, in large part, exercises to get to know and understand the magical formula of how much water on the paper means how much water and how much pigment on the brush. Its learning what you can accomplish with the different combinations.

In writing about a posted painting a current student, Penny Chapman,  wrote:

That is IT, folks:  the key to starting to understand this medium!!
  • Repeated practice.
  • Seeing what happens and making adjustments until you know (pretty much) what is going to happen.
The same is true with wet blending and in negative painting. And glazing.  It is about moving your color and water.
  • How much water?
  • How much paint?
  • What happens when …
It is not about making pretty paintings – until you have worked with the medium enough that you understand it. Then you can,
and you will still be in for surprises.
Happy painting,