Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 10 - 3:30
Anacortes Forest Preserve; 37th St entrance

forest backdrop to a boat painting

Are greens your nemesis? You will conquer them with this one day class by learning how to see and paint greens with more than one color!

Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree

You will learn in this day:

  • How to distinguish between the light and dark greens in a landscape
  • How to make deep rich greens in shadows
  • How to change to the light greens where sun hits to the shadow
  • The role of the negative shapes in your greens
  • Which pigments to choose and why
  • How to see the forest rather than the trees
  • How to bring the feeling of sunlight into your painting
  • The difference between what we assume and what we see

Madronas in Deep Shade

We will be painting at several different subjects in a very close physical area. We will not be trying for landscape paintings but studies of different groupings of trees and how to get the colors and the look of the trees and forest floor.  Once you understand how to get attractive greens in our subjects, you can use this lesson any time — adjusting it to the subject and using the same approach to other hues besides green.

Near the entrance

Class is limited to 5 unless we have moved beyond Phase 2 of Corona-Virus recovery.

Getting there:

All kinds of greens

We will spend most of the day at the Anacortes Forest Preserve, the entrance near 37th, trail #10.

You come up either D Ave or 32nd St to the circle where they intersect at the top of the hill. Continue south, straight for those on D and  left for those on 32nd St.  The road makes a 90˙turn to the right and then to the left. Immediately on your right there is parking and I will have a sign out.

Myriad different greens in a close-up.

Parking is limited to 10 during this stage of the virus.

We will gather at 10 am.

A short walk in there are all the choices we could want – greens of fields, of alders and low bushes, of magnificent firs, cedars and maples, as well as moss and ferns.  Learning to see the color changes and mix the colors we see is the challenge of the day.


Coming from I 5

Highway I-5 to exit 230, route 20. Turn west and follow the road to Anacortes. Allow a half hour. After the circle coming into Anacortes, the first light is 32nd St.  Make a left and go up the hill to the circle at the top. See local directions above from there.

Another spot

Equipment, etc:

The colors of green

We will be looking at greens and learning how to paint them. They are all around. I plan to start 50-100 yards from where we park our car. You may want to wander further during the day but we can stay in the one area. You will need to keep your set-up simple.

A stool or low seat like a beach chair works because you then can put your palette and water on the ground.  If you bring a regular height chair you need to bring something  like a table for your palette and water.  You may bring an easel if you prefer.

The Light Brigade

We’ll take a short lunch break or eat on site. Bathroom breaks as needed.

A slice of greens


You will a need:

  • 4 or more 1/4 sheets of Arches 140 lb cold press paper. Have several 8×11 to try some simple introductory experiments.
  • a board larger than your  1/4 sheet of paper

a palette that includes yellow, orange,  a staining (dye) green such as pthalo, a dye blue such as pthalo, violet and anything else you wish.  My palette is in the general list: recommendation for supplies .

other stuff:

  • Two water containers – keep them small like one-portion yogurt containers
  • 1 qt water
  • tissue (TP works best) inside a qt-sized yogurt container
  • sunglasses, sun block, hat, jacket in case of a cool wind
  • the pad or small chair
  • something to carry it in – recommend a back pack
  • lunch – we may go to my yard to eat, use my bathroom. Those who don’t live in town certainly may.

You may want to wander a bit further for another combination of greens.


Send either a $50 deposit to hold your place, balance due at the start of class on July 14, or the full $80 deposit to

Buchanan Watercolor Ltd

1309 27th St, Anacortes, WA 98221

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