Skagit Farm

Does the combination of colors in your painting resonate with you the way a chord of music does? Think about it.

If I tell you: mauve, wine, beige — you “hear” the combination almost the way we hear a chord. If I say: white, red, black, it is a different chord, much bolder and louder. Compare that one to white, red, and purple. How did it change?  Change one note and you a totally different sound.   Charcoal, pink and rust make quite a different sound from charcoal, beige and black.  Do you hear the music? 

How do you choose the color chords for your paintings? Or do you?


Continuing with last month’s discussion of pigments, one of the main reasons artists have trouble with getting “mud” in their watercolors is that they use the right pigment at the wrong time (or visa versa).  I will try to explain how, with limited pigments, I believe you can achieve the results you have in your mind’s eye.

There are a lot of opinions about which pigments to buy and why. And, yes, I hold some strong opinions on the subject.  Because of some conversations over the last month I have decided it is time to share with you (again, for some) why I choose the pigments I do — and a little of the back story of how I have arrived at these 20 pigments. I hope it will help you as you decide what to include on your palette.




As you finish up the chores outside and turn to more studio time, are you at a loss for where to begin? I made a new artist friend this summer, Devin Kleiner. When I went to his website, I was delighted with his experimental approach to watercolor.  Let me share some to inspire you to do likewise.


Because of the gift of a sketchbook, I discovered a way of drawing that you might enjoy.  The particular sketchbook isn’t necessary, but does present its own challenges and rewards. The real point is continuous drawing.
Dedicate an appropriate-sized sketchbook to the project and then […]

UPDATE: 09/01/16  The painting has returned! Hooray!!!! The United States Postal sent it back with an unable to deliver, no forwarding address.  I was told the wife had signed for it, but fortunately for me no wife at that address. No signature.  I am going to delete the addresses, all bogus, but leave the story as a warning to us all.