There are a lot of opinions about which pigments to buy and why. And, yes, I hold some strong opinions on the subject.  Because of some conversations over the last month I have decided it is time to share with you (again, for some) why I choose the pigments I do — and a little of the back story of how I have arrived at these 20 pigments. I hope it will help you as you decide what to include on your palette.




As you finish up the chores outside and turn to more studio time, are you at a loss for where to begin? I made a new artist friend this summer, Devin Kleiner. When I went to his website, I was delighted with his experimental approach to watercolor.  Let me share some to inspire you to do likewise.


Because of the gift of a sketchbook, I discovered a way of drawing that you might enjoy.  The particular sketchbook isn’t necessary, but does present its own challenges and rewards. The real point is continuous drawing.
Dedicate an appropriate-sized sketchbook to the project and then […]

UPDATE: 09/01/16  The painting has returned! Hooray!!!! The United States Postal sent it back with an unable to deliver, no forwarding address.  I was told the wife had signed for it, but fortunately for me no wife at that address. No signature.  I am going to delete the addresses, all bogus, but leave the story as a warning to us all.