Artists Northwest of Anacortes has asked if I would demonstrate for the group on January 17. Since the members work in various media, I have tried to plan a demo that will be of general interest.    I thought I would bring several completed paintings and demonstrate the techniques that we used to achieve the paintings on display.

As summer winds down, many see their days beginning to free up and want to return to more watercolor painting.  Often the where to start and what am I going to do questions cause you to keep putting it off.

Instead, see if you can choose a simple subject and do a small sketch-painting to get you back to painting — each day or most days.

Victorian Gentleman Awaits Interested Party….. We aren’t buying this one but it is based on a house that is about 7 blocks from the one on which we’ve made an offer.
Update: It is never over until the fat lady sings… Mother’s Day found an email with a document attached that terminated our contract with our buyer. We are back on the market. And the house in Anacortes went to the other bidder so […]

Caroline by Joanne Davis with apologies to Picasso. “You know how Caroline gets in to her work.
I never posted the 26 painting show of my Orcas work over the year that was held for the month of April at the new Orcas Library.  But DID get the show hung, had a nice reception, and sold quite a few.
Marcia Spees, who has studied with me for […]

Did you manage to do the Amaryllis Challenge from last month?  I have heard from people who have done some amazing things.  If you did, you found you enjoyed seeing the minute changes, or sometimes spectacular changes, that occur. Hopefully you changed mediums or techniques. And – like daily walking or yoga – you got in the habit of doing at least […]

It is time buy an amaryllis bulb, follow the planting directions and start drawing.  That’s right — draw it once all wrinkled and apparently lifeless.  Watch it and draw it next as the green begins to expand, and date the page. A day or two later draw it again. Pretty soon you will want to draw it every day. Change tools, change angles. It is a grand way to still keep your hand in drawing during the busy holidays.