Nancy Farrar-Coughlin

Two Hats Two Friends,  Nancy Farrar-Coughlin


earlier study by Nancy

Watercolors should sparkle with light. Watercolors should appear somewhat effortless.  Watercolor should have clear colors that somehow intermingle and and glow, yet somehow your paintings see dull or overworked.  How do you put the different techniques together with your ideas to achieve what is in your mind.

This two-day workshop, the first weekend in October should help you to find the way.

study for a painting' Susan Hernday

study for a painting, Susan Hernday




There is a planning stage and painting stages. Some of these are interchangeable. Some of them are unavoidable.  When and why might you do studies? How do you draw on your watercolor paper? What do you paint first? What do you leave till later and why?

4 color studies by Sally Mitchell

Learn what you need to think about during the different stages of planning and painting as we work on one or two paintings.    Many approaches are possible. You are the one who chooses.


Wet Day by Marcia Spees

Learn how to do what when.. as you paint.

Schedule: Each day class start at 9:30 and ends at 3:30 – leaving time to enjoy some hiking, visiting galleries and pottery shops or pursuing other enjoyable Orcas activities.

Jan Reid's Grandparents' Cabin

           Jan Reid’s Grandparents’  Cabin

Bring you lunch. The Olga Energetic Club or Community Club has a full kitchen with refrigerator, stoves, and microwave. Coffee and tea will be available.

For lodging, consult the Links section of this Website.   You may also check the listings under Basic Watercolor. If coming from off-island, try to arrive on Friday and settle in before class.


Buck Bay, Olga


Travel: If coming from off island, you will need to make a ferry reservation. You need to be in line 45 minutes before departure and allow 40 minutes from exit #230 from I 5 onto Hwy 20 to the ferry terminal in Anacortes (follow signs).  I buy the commuter bulk books of tickets and if you let me know, I can let you have one for $30 (roundtrip) rather than about $50.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, 360-298-2641 or



Although I will have photographs and ideas for paintings, if you bring drawings, photos and even “first attempts” of ideas in which you are interested, you will probably gain more from the workshop.

Bring your sketchbook, some soft pencils or markers.

paper: 3-4 half sheets, Arches, cold-press (or hot) 140lb.

palette: your usual paints. They should be artist quality (not student grade). Check with the basic watercolor course (May) for specifics or recommendation for supplies .

other stuff:20140902_182551_2

  • Two water containers
  • a board larger than your watercolor paper
  • tissue (TP works best)
  • your ideas or painting starts
  • hairdryer (optional)

Cell phones do not work well at the community center. It is better that you print out your ideas rather than relying on a phone or e-notebook.

We’ll have fun and you will be surprised at how much you will learn!