This private critique of your work and suggestions for your next steps is a way, when you are working alone, to have some guidance and keep your enthusiasm for your progress.

First email me to work out the details of when we will meet and get a feel for if you think it will work for you.  Then you choose your paintings and any supportive materials and send photos of these to me a day ahead of the agreed-on session. This gives me time to study them and arrange them for our meeting.

As well as paintings-in-progress you may have ideas for paintings you want to share and discuss. I will help you choose between different approaches and suggest what to have ready for the next meeting.

As the sessions continue, besides sharing your progress we will continue to explore any new paintings or ideas you are developing.


An idea; some sketches… now what?

And have a good time doing it!

P.S.  Your photographs obviously matter. I appreciate it if you crop to the image and send them at 500 kb or less. If you need help with this, you can let me know. 

You register after you email me and we agree on our specific arrangements.