Watercolor is a complex medium – one with many aspects and elements to it.  Glazing is the application of a layer of color over one that has already dried. Developing skill in glazing lets you in on the secret of luminous color that is a major characteristic of watercolor.

beachwalk1In taking the course you will be sent a Word Document with 10 exercises, guidance, and reference to your secure-access album of examples posted on Shutterfly. Each has a discussion with it.

dawn2glazeWhen you wish to post an exercise, you photograph it.  As you work on the projects, you plan a zoom meeting with Caroline. You photograph your work and send it to her, then meet and discuss what is happening. 5 sessions all together.

In the glazing course, you will gain a better understanding and control of this technique which will help you accomplish your desired goal. Working on the assignments will also help you achieve a greater knowledge of watercolor in general. It will  foster a greater understanding of other characteristics of watercolor such as the role of transparency and how to achieve luminosity. This course is not recommended for those totally unfamiliar with watercolor.

From the Shutterfly Album

Graded wash with red across all 4 rectangles.
When dry, the first was glazed with blue, the second with yellow, the third with lavender, and the 4th with yellow.  The 4th then had a 3rd glaze of blue after the yellow was dry.

You will work on:

  1. Wet on wet color harmonics
  2. Random wet-on-wet color harmonics
  3. One color per glaze, wet-on-wet
  4. IslandglazeOne color per glaze mist or fog painting
  5. One color per glaze simple sunset
  6. One color per glaze sunset with clouds
  7. One color per glaze, trying a painting
  8.  Studying your color mixes
  9. Graded wash glazing
  10. Glazing with consideration of pigment choice

By the end of the course you will have a much greater understanding of the glazing process.

glaze3    gradedwash
two kinds of glazing = wet-on-wet and graded wash
simple glaze paintings.


Note: I hope to get Glazing II up shortly.  In it we will look at pigment qualities in you choice of order in glazing.

Enjoy this course in the meantime.  It is a good review for all watercolorists and puts us in touch  with the beauty and power of glazing in this transparent medium.

glazebluemtD’ARCHES WATERCOLOR PAPER, cold press, 90 or 140 lb.

#2 or 2B pencil
white eraser
2 pint or quart sized water containers
a roll of tissue
1″ clear-handled flat brush — such as WINSOR NEWTON or DANIEL SMITH (72-99) BRUSH
#10 pointed round brush — such as ROBERT SIMMONS #10 or Skyflow, white sable 785

LIDDED PALETTE — such as Aqua Pro, or John Pike, or Steve Quiller’s with at least:
• burnt orange or burnt sienna
• a violet
in artist grade watercolor paint such as Daniel Smith, Winsor Newton, Da Vinci, Holbein.

Arrange your paints in a color wheel (ie rainbow).
I use Daniel Smith colors. Assuming you do not want to buy them all, besides the 6 listed above, first consider the hues highlighted in bold.
cobalt green
pthalo green, or Winsor green
cobalt teal blue
cerulean blue
pthalo blue, or Winsor blue
mypaletteultramarine blue
cobalt blue
ultramarine violet
quinacridone violet
quinacridone red or perylene red
quinacridone rose
cadmium red medium
Indian red
quinacridone burnt orange (or sienna)
perinone orange
quinacridone gold
cadmium yellow light, or Winsor yellow, or Hansa
green gold

Note: you do not want browns, blacks, white. The paper is the white and we mix luscious browns, blacks etc.

a large flat brush such as an 1 1/2″ or 2″ or larger.SKYFLOW is good but not necessary.
A lightweight board
tape or clips

CAMERA:  You do need access to a digital camera!  You can photograph flat on the ground in sunlight or on the floor in strong interior light.


You may pay by credit card on Square. Until I learn how to change it,you need to hit the button 3 times or order 3 ($35 x 3 = $105)

If  you prefer,  send a check to:

Buchanan Watercolors Ltd   1309 27 St  Anacortes WA 98221

Thank you. And I look forward to working with you.