Cottage Hobby House, 12th and M, Anacortes, WA
$70/session; All five: $60/session

Class at the Cottage Hobby House

With our move to Anacortes in progress, I am able to offer more classes there. These Mondays are at the Cottage Hobby House, the NE corner of 12th (main road to the ferry) and M (first light after the turn from Commercial onto 12th). Turn in the alley to park.  Bring a sack lunch, there is a refrigerator and microwave. We have coffee and tea.

The Cottage Hobby House is a open, attractive space with lots of light. The classes are limited to 10 which allows enough space for everyone to have at least half a table. Classes are 9:30-3:30. The building will be open at 9 so you can get settled.

FEBRUARY 4: Big Skies and Winter Storms

We start out with drama! The big sweep of skies and/or surf will be our subject and will plunge us in to utilizing the strengths of wet-on-wet for creating the movement and drama.

I suggest you take a full sheet of Arches cold press and tear or cut it horizontally into 3 pieces (10×22). We will try more than one version of our subject during the day.  There will be a (short) demonstration on the start and handling of paint and wet paper, off you will go to give it a try.

While those paintings dry we will try a second one; then go back and add another layer to our first.  Hair dryer can hasten the drying process and somewhere in there we will have lunch.

MARCH: Soft Mists  Instead of drama, we will whisper… You need to come with some idea of whether you want your mist slipping through trees, between lines of hills, and/or out between the islands.  This is another subject best approached wet-on-wet for the soft edges. There are easy techniques to learn to create convincing mists. Quarter sheets or half sheets are fine – probably only one (but always bring an extra). Since mist is so much a part of our weather pattern, you will enjoy knowing the secrets to painting it.

APRIL: Spring Flowers

Shifting techniques a bit, we will be exploring the strengths of wet-blending as we paint spring flowers. We will also learn how to mix our color to shade the flowers but still keeping them fresh. And we will explore the role of lost-and-found-edges to create a loose and fresh grouping of flowers.  At least a quarter sheet although a prefer a 1/2 sheet (always use d’Arches, cold press). If you do a vertical, 2 inches off the height gives you a nice format.

MAY: Sunsets and Fog

Although we are glazing anytime we put a second layer of paint over one that has already dried, with sunsets and/or fog we must glaze! Only by painting at least three layers can we achieve the results we see. Again you may want a horizontal 1/3 of a full sheet (10×22). Quarter sheets are fine for fog.  This will be a busy day so we will keep the compositions simple to focus on creating the illusion we want.

JUNE: Putting People in your paintings.

Not portraits — that would take much more than one day — but learn how to draw and paint people that are out and about; people on city streets, at the Saturday market or on a boat.

We will divide the subject into three parts – simple forms in the distance; easy 3-shape people who can stroll the beaches or sit by a light house and the shapes you need to see to create believable larger people. It is a lot of fun to let people into your paintings. And, yes, you can do it!

Bring some backs of painting or small paper for practice + several 1/4 sheets of Arches cold press paper.


Always use Arches cold press paper (I like 140 lb bright white). I also prefer the synthetic brushes, Taklon bristles used by Winsor Newton and some other are my preferred brushes. I probably use a 1″ flat for 80-90% of my painting, and #10, 12, and larger rounds for the rest.

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