This has been a popular class in the past.  I hope we can hold it in 2019. No date yet.


Spend a day working in a delightful setting — a barn over 100 years old, a pond of white ducks, a menagerie of animals wander, fields and firs and alders.

Caroline will take you through the steps needed to successfully paint when there is too much to choose from, too much stuff to tote, the weather and light shift, and it is hard to get comfortable. And you will know you spent your day in a magical place.

April 11-12, Thursday – Friday, 2019

Cottage Hobby House, Anacortes, WA

What is there not to enjoy in painting the tulip fields? Glorious bands of color help you to focus on color compositions. Rolling clouds toward the Cascades help you to develop your control of wet-on-wet and master painting clouds. Enjoy the challenge of directing the eye through fields of flowers, past old barns, and up into the sky. Or move in close and explore color and shape relationships in a simple grouping of flowers.

This workshop is OF the tulip fields, not “in” them. Try to visit them before class.