Thursday, June 13 and 20; 10 - 3:30.
The Good Stuff, 604 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221

Experiment with wet on wet

In a new setting, we are offering a basic watercolor class to help those who are just getting started and as a review of the processes for those who find they are limited in how they are working in watercolor.

We will practice wet-on-wet which helps you learn how to work with the water and the ratios of water and color which are the secret of watercolor.

Negative painting, tree study by Erin Rehm

We will learn the sometimes frustrating but oh so vital technique of seamless negative blending to make the  important shapes emerge from the background washes.


Next we will learn glazing, working wet. With this you learn the magic of watercolor’s transparency where colors are perceived separately and mixed in the eye. And also learn the different magic of wet blending and charging colors.

wet blending

All four processes

You will be on your way!


Come into Anacortes on Commercial and continue down past the light with the left to the ferry into Old Town. Look for the 600 block, the block before the Post Office.  The Good Stuff  is on your left, near the corner.  Parking may be a challenge so allow yourself some extra time before class to get unloaded and parked.

We will take a half hour for lunch.  You will probably want to bring your own or order ahead at a nearby restaurant (Gere Deli?).

Class is limited to 10 so be sure and sign up soon.

tulip fields; wet on wet and glazing + negative painting


Since we are holding class literally in the art supply room of The Good Stuff you can buy another brush, another sheet of watercolor paper at any time.  If you are unsure bring what you have.  But good basic supplies help immensely in your reaching your  potential.

To see my complete list go to supply list in the menu.

You will need:


  • 2-3 full sheet of Arches cold press 140 lb watercolor paper. You may divide them in half + one in quarters.


  • 1 taklon white bristled 1 inch flat brush
  • 1 white sable #10 or #12 round brush


  • a lidded palette of your choice


  • artist grade watercolors – I prefer Daniel Smith but others are acceptable with at least a
    • red (quinacridone, pyrol, etc)
    • yellow (Hansa light is good, others okay)
    • blue (thalo and untramarine or just thalo)
  • You may also want:
    • quinacridone burnt orange
    • thalo green
    • a purple or a violet
    • perinone orange

Other stuff:

  • a flat board at least 12 x 24
  • 2 water containers – qt yogurt ideal size
  • #2 pencil
  • white eraser
  • roll of toilet paper (yup)
  • sketchbook or folder with some 8 x 11 paper
  • hair dyrer, optional


Contact Kat at The Good Stuff:

360-755-3152 or

Please contact me at for questions.